My Approach

My comprehensive approach first helps clients establish their overall goals and together we identify what specific changes you want to make in your life. We then break down these goals into small achievable steps to ultimately attain a more successful future.

I first teach clients about the Cognitive model, which is comprised of three parts. The first is a situation, (or a precipitating event), our automatic thoughts, which then triggers a chain reaction of behaviors, emotions and physiological responses. By breaking down and observing these patterns, we are then able to see how our thinking effects our responses. Together as a team we then start to learn to change our thinking through cognitive restructuring. This is actualized by homework and psychoeducation by the therapist.

More About My Practice

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My training is focused in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety and Depressive Disorders. I work with people who are trying to overcome their anxiety and depression. I implement DBT skills into our session to help learn and name emotions while also teaching ways to regulate emotions and improve interpersonal skills. These skills will ultimately help you learn how to tolerate uncomfortable emotions and help you understand how to communicate and ask for what you need. We also focus on some Psychodynamic approaches to help treat the underlying issues from our past.

Through my experience & training as a therapist, I have worked with a wide variety of clientele ranging from adults, adolescents and couples. I welcome people into my practice struggling with various forms of anxiety disorders, depression, addiction, relationship issues & work related problems. I am a Cognitive Behavioral Anxiety Specialist certified through the Beck Institute & also offer Solution Focus Therapy for Couples.

My Therapy Focus

Cognitive Behavioral Therapists believe that our distorted and maladaptive thinking shape our view of ourselves the world and the future. By first being aware of these thoughts and triggering events, we not only learn to change them, but also learn to observe these thoughts through mindfulness practices and acceptance. This helps those who struggle with anxiety understand that their thoughts do not have to dictate their behavior and emotional responses. In turn, we are able to accept that we have these uncomfortable emotions and still attain and accomplish the goals that we want for our lives.

Business Talk Radio Interview

In this interview I discuss the basics of CBT and how I apply these practices for each individual client depending on their needs.

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